Hotel in Tinsukia Town

Standard Rooms

Specifically 12 well furnished, cozy and well-equipped rooms. All our rooms are designed for your comfort and ease. Noteworthy, rooms measuring 185 sq ft area is surely ideal for up to 2 people. In addition, king size bed and twin bed facilities are available on request. We will make sure of no hiccups in your stay.

Deluxe Rooms

Specifically, 9 fantastic room stays with all modern facilities. Designed to make sure you surely experience a state of physical ease. Noteworthy, rooms measuring over 225 sq ft area is ideal for up-to 2 people. In addition, modern toiletries, in-room dining along with multi-channel television and lots more will certainly light up your stay.

Club Rooms

Specifically 8 amazingly comfortable, well equipped and carefully designed club rooms to this end. Noteworthy rooms measuring over 260 sq ft areas is an ideal selection for any family stay. Specifically up-to 3 people or a couple and two kids. Henceforth, in addition, we provide in-room dining, hygienic along with well-lighted rooms.

*Taxes Are Applicable 

Hotel Ballerina, among all other hotels in Tinsukia town skillfully combines a luxuriant ambiance and with a welcoming human touch to rejuvenate your five senses.